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a rare picture of me smiling with my teeth

I had a blissful time at the falls today!!! :) Big smilesssss

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I don’t have a six pack. I could never be a model, but i love my body. I am not ashamed to show it off.
We are all beautiful, inside and out. Be proud of who you are. Beauty isn’t only skin deep. You are more than what people see!!!

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes friends!

Remind yourself how beautiful you are, and how important it is to love yourself!!


true life: people like my hair more than they like me

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This is a place where I can comfortably hold a work meeting or introduce to a friend whose looking for something different. Ever since my first visit (incidentally, on the second day they opened) I’ve felt drawn to return; for the coffee, for the space and for the people. Whether I stay for a minute or for an hour, I always feel welcomed as a friend and appreciated as a customer. Places like Sixteen Ounces remind me of why I love doing what I do so much - there’s something about good food and great coffee that always manages to bring people together. Places like this can heal you, enlighten you and bring about the simplest, purest form of contentment.

Sixteen Ounces, Victoria Park - Perth, Western Australia.

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lets cuddle in a warm bath and smoke joints together all night

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